How To Win Online Baccarat

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Can gambling online baccarat be profitable? Many players who play baccarat are very concerned about this issue. We say whether we can win playing baccarat, not based on your luck, the most important thing is the skills we have mastered online baccarat.

Everyone should also note that the game of baccarat is a long-term controversial game, but most people still don’t fully understand its technique. Even so, it has become the most popular game in Asian online casinos. 

Baccarat has improved our skills and abilities. This is true. After all, we will slowly learn to control our emotions while playing, and slowly let us improve some analytical skills and techniques.

Below we will sort out some of the techniques of Baccarat and discuss these techniques how to win at online live casino Malaysia.


Rise From Little Winnings To Great

In the casino process, about 70% of the time is turbulent, and only about 30% of the time is unilateral upsurge or decline, then the accumulation of small wins into big wins is a long-term basis for winning. China got one sentence said “Do not do evil things though they may be insignificant. Do not give up good things though they may be minor matters.” When we move this sentence to financial management, it can be understood as: “Don’t be too greedy, enter in batches”.

When entering the battlefield, the funds should be small. Although the profit is small, rise from little winnings to great. This also constant call wins. I always want to win once and make a fortune, but instead of leaving the market in time, the profits obtained will be in vain. There are too many examples of such greed, I believe everyone has encountered it.


Method of Place Your Bet #1

Every third-time place bet is a cycle. In the first-time place bet with 3 chips, if you win this time, then next bet by less one chip. Conversely, if you lose in this time, then next bet by more than the last bet.

Use this method, you would get this result list on below.

  • Win-Win-Win = Win 6 Chips
  • Lose-Win-Win = Win 4 Chips
  • Win-Lose-Win =  Win 4 Chips
  • Win-Win-Lose =  Win 4 Chips
  • Lose-Lose-Lose = Lose 12 Chips
  • Win-Lose-Lose = Lose 2 Chips
  • Lose-Win-Lose = Lose 2 Chips
  • Lose-Lose-Win = Lose 2 Chips

It seems nothing special, but you will know when you use this method to place bet online baccarat. There are many results of “2 wins and 1 loss” or “2 loses and 1 win”. It is regarded as a half-and-half situation where there is already a profit.


Method of Place Your Bet #2

This second method is place bet based on winning of banker or player data flow method. You should not place a bet on each game when you play online baccarat. Sometimes you have to pay more attention to the winning or losing table. 

For example, when the player is the winner, you should check whether the player in the previous is consecutive wins. If yes, then you can start to place a bet on the player. If you win, continue to buy idle (according to the above betting method #1), and stop until the banker wins.

What if go down to the second or third times to open the banker? Record by yourself and wait for the next time when the next one is open the player and the previous one is open the player too, then you can begin bet will continue.

If all the way is just open one-time player or one-time banker, do not bet. If there is no bet on the second one, then the bet will buy the third one. In short, don’t look at the road, will continue to place a bet on the player when you win.


How to stop when losing:

As long as you keep “lose-lose-lose” at any one time, you should change to another baccarat table (but not necessarily need to change).


How to stop when win:

No. Just based on your own option if you want to stop to bet. I would recommand to you keep betting until you keep lose more than 5 times.



Hope the techniques of the place bet online baccarat I shared with you can help you win more money while playing Online Baccarat. Nevertheless, to make money at online baccarat from every bet requires a strategy and a way to walk in help increase the chances of winning at any online casino in Malaysia. Therefore, you should not overlook any betting strategies that help strengthen gambling to meet your goals.


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