Top Live Casino Game Texas Holdem Poker

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Introduction of Top Live Casino Game

Texas Hold’em Poker is the most famous type of poker in the world. In the game, each table has 2-10 players participating in a card game using a deck of standard 52-card without jokers. Each player is dealt 2 cards face down which are your “hole card”.

Following by a betting round where player can “Check”, “Bet” or “Fold”. This stage is known as pre-flop. When the betting finished, 3 shared cards are dealt face up in the middle of the table. This stage is called the flop. After that there would be another round of betting and 4th shared card will be dealt. This is called the turn . The final round of betting before the final card is called the river.

Plays and Rules

Before the flop
  • Dealer/button

At the poker table, the dealer/button position is important to distinguish all other positions. The game proceeds in a clockwise direction, starting with the player sitting on the left side of the dealer/button.

  • Blind

The player sitting at the small blind and big blind position are the players on the left side of the dealer/button position. They should place their bet (blind) before the card display.

  • Action: Call, Raise, or Seal

After the blind bet, players at each table will be getting 2-cards faced down (pocket/bass). Then the player must start acting:

They either call (the same amount as the big blind), raise (increase the bet amount), or fold the card (give the card face down to the dealer and lose the qualification to play back)


The board is placed face up on the table and make a combination of the best cards possible (hands) for all players. After the first bet is completed, the first three of the five community cards are placed at the table – the three cards are in the form of a flop.

  • Second bet: Check, Raise or Seal

After the three community cards issued, the player who has previously bet the back without a cover will act again. This time, in addition to raising or sealing, the player has the option to check. Meaning player need not bet but still be in the game).

  • Turn

After the remaining players have completed their actions, the 4th public card (the turn) will be sent. Then the player begins to participate in the third bet. They can choose to check, raise, or fold again.

  • River card

After the end of the third bet, the 5th card sent out (the river). The last public card marks the beginning of the last bet. At last round, the player can choose to check, raise, or fold.


After the last bet in the game, two or more players remain in the pot. The players in the game must show their cards to see who has the biggest hand combination. A player who has the largest hand (the largest sorted card combination consisting of a hole card and a portion of a community card) wins the pot.

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