Genting Casino Malaysia vs Online Casino

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Genting Casino Malaysia/ SkyCasino is the only licensed casino in Malaysia. However, there are plenty of underground online casinos out there in Malaysia. Therefore, gamblers have two choices of gambling. First is to choose a land-based casino like Genting Malaysia, and the other choice is to choose a online casino like AFBCash Malaysia online casino.

What is the difference between land-based and online casinos?

Obviously, the development of land-based casinos take longer period. Since ancient times until today, players go to land-based casinos for gaming entertainment. For example Genting Casino Malaysia is the sole provider of all the gaming services at SkyCasino. Although Genting Malaysia is the only land-based casino in Malaysia. Yet there is still no way to stop the gamblers from favoring such land-based casinos. Because the players are gambling face to face with the dealer, the players are psychologically more practical. Another reason is that casinos can provide a stronger atmosphere, casinos are like a community and players feel like they are part of it.

Why Choose Online Casino Malaysia?

Online casino is built on a network. As long as there is internet access, players can connect to the casino and online casino games anytime, anywhere.

The main benefit of an online casino is convenience. Where players do not have to travel far distance to the casino. For instance, if you only have 15 minutes waiting time, you can easily access to your online betting account and spend some good time. There is no way to travel to a physical casino with only 15 minutes available. It is undoubtedly for suitable for players who want more privacy and save time.

Another benefits is normally all online casinos offer more games. For example, AFBCash Malaysia offers 8 live casinos with variety live games, 7 slot games providers, 4 Sportsbook, 3 Poker platforms, Number Games, Lottery 4D, etc. Since its inception, online casinos improved greatly and graphics are more appealing than ever before.

Another important factor to online players is bigger bonus or more ongoing promotions. Online casinos Malaysia typically offer better bonuses and rebate. In fact, land-based casinos will not offer any deposit bonus to you. While AFBCash gives you a 100% first deposit bonus. Land-based casinos have higher cost such as salary of the staff, building and utilities cost. Therefore, online casinos able to offer more bonuses and promotions to their members.

Join AFBCash Online Casino Malaysia today with only minimum deposit of RM10 to try your luck!

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