English Premier League Standings 2019-2020 Season Matchday 10

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English Premier League Standings for Matchday 10 of 2019-2020 season after the league ended in the early morning of October 28th, Malaysia time. This season, Leicester City continued its fierce momentum and swept Southampton 9-0. It set the biggest difference between the EPL this season and the history of visiting team to win the biggest score. While the Liverpool and Manchester City that competing for EPL championship are both leading. The EPL six giants Tottenham and Arsenal continued no victory.

English Premier League Standings 2019


This round of Manchester City home easily 3-0 victory over Vera. However, Liverpool that leading beaten Tottenham at home 2-1, making the gap of 6 points. Liverpool performance is stable this season, whereas Manchester City is going after points. They may only meet at Matchday 12 where Liverpool as away team.

Chelsea and Leicester City continue their good state. The victory of Leicester City as mentioned before. As for Chelsea away is a 4-2 from Burnley with 7 consecutive victories for various events. From the performance of this season, so far these two teams are very confident in attacking the weak team and often score more than two goals. Now they are in the 3rd and 4th place. Manchester United, Tottenham and Arsenal behind them wanted to catch up with them, and it is not easy from current situation.

For this round, Arsenal is the most disappointing EPL giant in the recent matches. After losing 0-1 away to Sheffield United in the last round, was again 2-2 draw by Crystal Palace at home. Arsenal leading by scoring 2 goals 2-0 at first 9 Minutes. But the terrible defense once again made Arsenal unsuccessful to victory. After this round, Arsenal continued to rank 5th, but the gap with the 4th Chelsea has been extended to 4 points. Arsenal’s path seems to be very similar to the previous years.

Manchester United surged 7 in a battle! Tottenham fell into the lower half

Manchester United’s current round away 3-1 Norwich, won the Premier League first away this season. The ranking also rose from the bottom half of the standings to the seventh, but there is still 7 points gap with Chelsea. Manchester United fans to be thankful as the team’s situation is getting better. Furthermore, there is still a long time in the league, there is still time to chase points.

The lowest ranking in the Premier League’s six giants, Tottenham is only ranked 11th and Chelsea’s gap is 8 points. Tottenham’s 1-2 loss to Liverpool is excusable because the overall performance of the team is not bad.

The situation in relegation is still unclear, even if Manchester United is now only 5 points higher than the relegation zone. Now Southampton, Norwich and Watford are in the relegation zone with no change from previous matchday. These three teams continue to be in a downturn, waiting for a victory.


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