Strategy Tips To Win Money Online Football Betting

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I started betting football since the 1998 World Cup. My football betting match is Brazil vs. France. for the first time.  For the first time. I was still in the army at that time. Our army is the most liberal. It is also because of the leadership gambling that I know the beginning of gambling. In those years, if wanted to bet we need to call to customer servicer for bet football. Unlike now, you can place your own bets online. I’m sure you’re interested in how you can make big money out of football. Therefore, I share some of my strategy skills to help you understand how to bet without losing money easily.

Now, let’s start our topic strategy tips to win money online football betting.

Strategy Tips #1 – Understanding Where To Bet?

First of all, we need to know which site is Malaysia Trusted Online Casino. There are a lot of online gambling websites, some good and some bad. You don’t know which one can make you withdraw the money you win.

If you are a Malaysian player, I can introduce you and I usually bet on the website AFBCash Malaysia Sportsbook Betting. I personally think it’s safe and reliable. Because it’s been running in Indonesia and Malaysia for 17 years, and there are a lot of players betting on this website. At present, I haven’t heard that there are players whose money can’t be taken out. And also, it has offered a sportsbook 150% bonus promotion (Clicks the link to get more information) for every weekend. With this offer, you can have more money to begin your bet.


Strategy Tips #2 – Look at Handicap Skills

(1) Look at the idea of the game

In a simple way, the general strong team to concede points depends on the high win rate. For example, when a strong team loses or loses 3-4 games, the strong team wins a high rate. In general, strong teams rarely lose or lose more than 5 games. This my personal opinion.

(2) To research the odds of that match

If you want to bet, you have to research the odds between the European Handicap Odds and Asian Handicap Odds. If the odds are difference is large, it will convey more information. For example, there may be a match in which there are fake balls.

(3) To watch handicap when the live match

Example, the begin handicap of the match is a first-half draw and  -0.5 handicap, you need to watch clearly because more of odds would be upper. And within 1.00, the first half is stable with a handicap of 0.5 or 1, which is absolutely more than that from the second half. After the goal is scored in the second half, the first half keeps unchanged.

If you bet second half directly, the ball will be more than one and a half goals. In the second half, a ball is high in the first half.


Strategy Tips #3 – Basic skills of judging match open over or under

How to judge the match open over or under? I believe many players will do a lot of homework before the game start. At present, there are many successful methods, such as stop-loss theory, plum blossom bamboo theory, water level (odds) change, past performance, strength difference and so on. A lot of people can make the right judgment from it. But if you’re going to judge all the games, I’m sure very few people can get around 70 per cent. Even if there is, it will take a lot of time and manpower. So is there a simpler and more accurate method? yes! In the process of practice, the author found a simple method to judge the big and small balls. This method is simple because it doesn’t have to go through the tedious homework before the competition. For this method, pre-competition research is meaningless.



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