Top 5 Esports Betting Games in Malaysia

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E-sports has grown rapidly recent years in Malaysia, and the spawn of Esports betting is now very popular all over the world. If you ask anyone about e-sports 10 years ago, they are probably not aware of it. E-sports has evolved from the otaku day and night entertainment to become the world’s mainstream sports competition.

Top 5 Esports Betting Games in Malaysia

League of Legends/ LOLใ€Œ่‹ฑ้›„่”็›Ÿใ€

League of Legends (also known as LOL) is a game released by Fist Company in 2013. It has hundreds millions of active players almost every month and achieved global success overnight. In terms of number of users, LOL is currently second to Counter-Strike. Many gaming companies have established e-sports or virtual sports sections in major online casinos. In order to meet the needs of players to bet for LOL. This games has the largest gaming jackpot. The world tournament reached a huge prize pool of $6,450,000 in year 2018 .

DOTA 2ใ€Œๅˆ€ๅก”ใ€

When talking to cyber gamers, you will notice that they are either playing LOL or playing the DOTA. Nowadays, the competition between DOTA and LOL is very intense. Even the two groups of players argue when discussing the games. Compare to LOL, DOTA also has a very large prize pool, such as the $25,532,177 betting prize pool in 2018. When you notice that the game’s jackpot is so much higher than the traditional sports competitions. Such as the NBA or even the Super Bowl, it is quite a shocking. The DOTA is a very intense game. Each team consist of five players to compete amongst each other. The main task of the game is to destroy the enemy’s main base.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensiveใ€Œๅๆ็ฒพ่‹ฑ๏ผšๅ…จ็ƒๆ”ปๅŠฟใ€

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, abbreviation CS: GO is one of the most popular e-sports games in the world which released in 1999. The professional tournaments for this game are all over the world. With the popularity of games around the world, a large number of bookmakers offer a variety of betting options for the game. Thus far, CS is the most common e-sports game. If you are planning to start participating in eSports, this is a great starting point.

Overwatch/ OWใ€Œๅฎˆๆœ›ๅ…ˆ้”‹ / ๆ–—้˜ต็‰นๆ”ปใ€

Since it was released only a few years ago, Overwatch is still a relatively new game. However, the number of players has also reached the top. There are currently at least 30 million active players. This game is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Window in year 2016 and Nintendo Switch in 2019. Therefore, many large bookmakers and online casinos also added Overwatch to the betting options list.

The Hearthstoneใ€Œ็‚‰็Ÿณไผ ่ฏดใ€

The Hearthstone game is a strategic card game from Blizzard Entertainment. This game builds upon the existing lore of the Warcraft series. Blizzard Entertainment is an international entertainment giant that also launches large-scale games such as Overwatch and World of Warcraft. Hearthstone has become more popular in recent years. There are hundreds of professional tournaments every year. The total prize pool has reached US$8 million.

With many game competitions such as League of Legends and StarCraft being included in the international sports competitions, e-sports betting is in full swing in Malaysia. It’s no surprise that online gambling sites seize the opportunity to offer this sports betting type to their entertainment platform.

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