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Online Sports Betting is getting more common and popular in Malaysia. Thus, it has more variety and give convenience to gamblers over traditional ways of sports gambling. Due to its popularity, many sports betting sites also include diverse bet types. For example, football, basketball, tennis, volleyball, eSports, ice hockey, rugby, boxing, etc. Wagers can choose their favorite sports to bet freely.

Major Sports Betting Types

Football/ Soccer

  1. The final settlement is 90 minutes according to the time of the event. Including injury time.
  2. For breaks, delays or cancellations, please refer to the specific regulations of different bookmakers. Some bookmakers treat it as invalid and the bet is void. Yet some bookmakers give time limits and if they fail to replay within the specified time, the bet will be considered invalid.


  1. Final settlement is based on the time of the event, including overtime.
  2. NBA events must play for at least 43 minutes to consider as valid bets. Any other basketball games must play for at least 35 minutes and then all bets are valid.


  1. If the original venue changes, then all bets voided.
  2. Any postponed or interrupted event, all bets will remain valid as long as the match finalized.


  1. The final settlement is based on the time of the event and it does not include overtime.
  2. For postponed or interrupted match, all bets will remain valid as long as the match is re-scheduled within 12 hours.


  1. Final settlement is based on the time of the event, including additional time for the game.
  2. According to the rules of the international baseball game. Game allows end early if the team has a minimum of seven innings, one team leads by 10 points. Or after at least five innings, one team leads by 15 points. In this case, all bets remain valid.

The above rules are just as a guideline to all players. So individual bookmakers have different betting rules for different sports events. Therefore, sports betting gamblers, especially novice shall check the betting rules before place bets.

In additions, there are some significant factors that you shall consider when choosing an online sports betting site. The following points are particularly important.

Factors of Best Sports Betting Malaysia Site

  • Safety & Reliability – The casino shall hold an appropriate betting or gaming license. It is extremely important to choose a reputation and trustworthy online casino.
  • Fair & Just Games – Look for one site that offers variety of betting options from renowned games providers. These providers would not risk their reputation and set fraud betting for the online casinos.
  • Banking Options & Processes – the operator provides multiples banks and payment gateway to players. Deposits and Withdrawals are speedy and reliable.
  • Quality for Customer Support – Responsive and helpful customer support available 24/7 to assist on the problems.

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